Code for Sustainable Homes / Home Quality Mark

Code for Sustainable Homes / Home Quality Mark

The Code for Sustainable Homes, recently replaced by the Home Quality Mark, is an all-round assessment of the quality and sustainability of a new dwelling. There are six levels that can be achieved within the Code for Sustainable Homes, with the most stringent being Code Level 6. The requirement to subject a dwelling to a Code for Sustainable Homes Assessment, and the required level to be achieved, often feature as one of the Planning conditions for a development.

The Code for Sustainable Homes assesses nine major criteria within a development:
Energy, Water, Materials, Surface Water Run-Off, Waste, Pollution, Health and Well-Being, Management and Ecology. Points are scored within each criteria, with the accumulated total determining the final Code for Sustainable Homes rating.

The Code for Sustainable Homes assessment is in three stages:

  1. Pre-assessment

  2. Design-stage assessment

  3. Post construction review

Our experienced Code assessors can guide you smoothly through the assessment, from concept to completion. Our service includes all the support required to ensure every dwelling achieves a pass.


How Energytest can help

Fast and accurate Code for Sustainable Homes assessments at a competitive price.

Comprehensive advice and support to ensure you arrive at the most economic and feasible solution to achieve compliance.

One fully-inclusive fee covering:

  • Pre-assessment, design-stage assessment and post-construction review.
  • Evidence gathering.
  • Attendance at design meetings.
  • Site visits.
  • All the consultancy required to ensure every dwelling achieves a pass.

Single-source-solution for Code for Sustainable Homes and Building Regulation compliance. As well as your Code for Sustainable Homes assessment we can provide:

A Code For Sustainable Homes pre-assessment is an assessment of the various credits the developer will seek to achieve, and the rating this equates to. As feedback from the pre-assessment can influence features of the design, it is vitally important the pre-assessment is undertaken as early as possible.

Our Code assessors will liaise directly with your design team to find the most cost effective and practical solution to achieve the rating you desire.

Whereas the Code for Sustainable Homes pre-assessment is an outline of intentions of the credits that will be sought, the design-stage assessment is a detailed assessment of how these credits will actually be achieved, supported by evidence.

Our Code for Sustainable Homes assessors will support you throughout the design and construction phase, at all times offering advice and guidance, and gathering the requisite evidence to complete the Code assessment.

The post-construction review serves as confirmation that the design-stage credits have been achieved on-site. The review will involve collating evidence from various sources, including site records and visual inspections. Once the review is complete a certificate of the final Code for Sustainable Homes rating will be issued.

Launched on 3 March 2015, the Home Quality Mark replaces BRE’s previous quality and sustainability assessment for new dwellings: The Code for Sustainable Homes.

Similar to the Code for Sustainable Homes, the Home Quality Mark has a scale of ratings, with homes awarded five-stars being deemed to be of the highest quality.

Our qualified assessors can provide a range of Home Quality Mark services from initial advice to full assessment.

Home Quality Mark